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The right suggestions of our design team, as well as the know-how of our technical staff, are key parameters that lead us to the success of any project we undertake.


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We have a staff of specialized engineers and experienced installation technicians and at the same time in collaboration with leading partners in the field, we are able to provide you with innovative solutions, high energy efficiency, at affordable prices, for every gas heating, air conditioning and industrial cooling installation. In addition, we provide organized service and full technical support even after the sale.

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Training seminars in Germany

Our company was located at the premises of DVS Schweißtechnische Kursstätte SK-Bielefeld NL der GSI in Oberhausen, Germany.

What is LPG

LPG is stored in cylinders and tanks of various sizes for domestic, commercial, industrial uses and is considered one of the safest, economical, cleanest and least polluting conventional fuels.

Economy in heating

LPG has a better efficiency during combustion and is one of the least polluting fuels resulting in being the most environmentally friendly and human fuel while also being the most economical solution.

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