Freeze chamber

Freeze chamber

Following all the new technological developments in the field of refrigeration, we are able to undertake the construction of all refrigeration chambers for maintenance or freezing, while at the same time we place special emphasis on the study for the sizing of the appropriate refrigeration machine to achieve the necessary temperature and humidity conditions in chambers.

The main characteristics of our construction booths are:

Masonry and ceilings made of polyurethane panels

The side walls and ceilings of the chambers will consist of polyurethane panels 10 - 14cm thick specially designed for the construction of maintenance or deep freezing cold chambers and spaces with special requirements for thermal and waterproofing with controlled special conditions of ambient temperature and humidity.

Waterproofing is done internally using sanitary corners.


Doors suitable for maintenance or freezing, with security lock, with polyurethane insulation, made of galvanized steel sheets, with plastisol coating, with one-piece cast corner frame made of PVC.

Chamber refrigeration machine

After studying the refrigeration requirements of each chamber, the appropriate external machine is selected to meet these needs.

We work with leading importers of Bitzer, Bok, Copeland companies to provide complete and alternative solutions.


Chamber air coolers

After studying the refrigeration requirements of each chamber, the appropriate air cooler inside the chamber is selected, in order to ensure that the chamber will reach the desired temperature and humidity required by the products to be stored.

Chamber control panel

In each chamber, electronic control panels of the chambers are placed with the possibility of remote temperature control via internet.